Anna Zamora


Area 3xxx, is a collection form by six looks and inspired by the creation of a young subculture that is born of an oppressive society and invaded by technology with the need to create a revolution followed by a change. The garments combine both the deconstruction of brutalist forms and the need to defend themselves and fight to survive. It is made up of resistant and unnatural fabrics, pieces made from other pieces that had no use but that they have taken advantage of.
Area 3xxx, is a travel from dystopia to utopia.

01-Anna-Zamora.jpg 02-Anna-Zamora.jpg 03-Anna-Zamora.jpg 13-Anna-Zamora.jpg 15-Anna-Zamora.jpg 23-Anna-Zamora.jpg 22-Anna-Zamora.jpg 0032-768x514.jpg 05-Anna-Zamora.jpg 19-Anna-Zamora.jpg 000030-768x514.jpg 06-Anna-Zamora.jpg 000038.jpg 07-Anna-Zamora.jpg 24-Anna-Zamora.jpg