Anna Zamora


When the world was created, nothing existed, not even the sun and the moon. In darkness and vast emptiness, the first ecosystems were born. Plants, minerals and bacteria ruled an empty wasteland.

At first, it was paradise. An explosion of creation, colour, new lifeforms. The monochrome darkness was replaced by the vitality of a new beginning, a fresh, sinless and innocent world of light.

Then enter the flesh. With mankind came carnal pleasure. Desire, corruption, debauchery and the endless thirst for more. “Civilisation” begins.

But with civilization also comes power. Mankind creates the concepts of hell and sin to control its brother and sister. Sin and you will be punished, man said. The beautiful and the grotesque, the delightful and the sinister mingle with astonishing creativity.


The skin I Inhabit for PAP MAGAZINE

Creative Director/Stylist: @annazamor.a
Director: @hugo.heathcote
Photographer: @freddiestisted
DOP: @roybrandys
MUA: @cassandrascalia
Hair: Masaki @m_a_s_a_k_i__
Set Design: @forent.venet & @rayavanderkroon
Gaffer: @mildhickey
Stylist Assistants: @charlotte__dupont &
Make Up Assistant: @nancymae.i
BTS Photographer: @zillahr
Sound Design: @roybrandys
Retouching: @daniellepaintingretoucher

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